I'm confused! (A huge amount of information- at your fingertips!)

One amazing feature available with every Bizzy Boutique cart is the built-in knowledgebase available in every storeadmin!


When logged into your admin area, look in the upper right hand corner of your storeadmin. You'll see a little pink "?" (question mark). Each page in your store admin has it's own question mark, and clicking the mark on any page will give you page specific information- possibly answering your question (and some you didn't even know you had!). For example: If you have questions about setting up a category, navigate to the category set-up area and click the "?"! For other questions, the "?" contains a small "search box" where you can type any question pertaining to your storeadmin.

If you still have a question, please post to our support forum HERE or, OPEN A SUPPORT TICKET.


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